Relocation Services


Trust Power Realty is committed to making the transition easy, stress-free and seamless for clients and their families. Our team of trained and licensed professionals is qualified to handle both the physical and psychological components of the transition. For our clients who do not live locally, we supervise and provide every needed service. We will communicate with families and their attorneys throughout the move process and can alleviate the need for continuous long distance visits to the property.


·        Negotiate with the movers and oversee packing and unpacking

·        Consolidate, sell or dispose of furniture and personal belongings

·        Move, change or close utility accounts (Power, telephone, cable, internet, etc)

·        Change of all addresses (banks, doctors, pharmacy, drivers license, voters registration, etc)

·        Clean and repair the property being sold and custom work at the new property

·        Refer clients to appropriate individuals for legal, medical and social services as needed